Richard David Sigmund is deeply fascinated by architecture, design and symbolism, particularly within the context of culture. He translates them into bodies of work that encompass drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. Using wood, fabric, pencil, paint and found artifacts, Sigmund’s pieces evoke multidimensional, rich experiences that connect the past to the present. These works explore transformation, movement and purpose in a contemporary approach, and are inspired by his travels. 


2014     —. Linda Perry's Heaven Is Resonance. Los Angeles: The Art of Elysium.

2013     —. Richard David Sigmund: Drawing and Sculpture. Los Angeles: Art Merge Lab.

2012     —. Cameron Silver's Heaven. Los Angeles: The Art of Elysium.

2011     —. Mark Mothersbaugh's Heaven. Los Angeles: The Art of Elysium.

2011     —. Los Angeles Art Show 2011. Los Angeles: Fine Art Dealers Association.